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The Brunei Young Leaders Convention (BYLC) is a platform for youths in Brunei Darussalam to gather, ranging from 18 to 40 years old, together with it stakeholders.


It is to mobilize youth to have a sense of belonging and to play an active role in achieving Brunei’s Vision 2035.


​Uniting relevant youth development agencies

Uniting relevant youth development agencies to play a role in involving the youth to have a sense of belonging and encouraging them to play an active role in achieving Brunei’s Vision 2035.

Delivering accurate and up-to-date information

Delivering accurate and up-to-date information on Brunei's Vision 2035 to participants by a whole-of-nation approach through the perspectives of government, private, community and youth.

Providing a platform

Providing a platform for the participants to carry out effective and sustainable programs and projects to achieve the Brunei’s Vision 2035 goals

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The motto for BYLC 2021 is B.E.L.I.A (Believe, Empower, Lead, Inspire, Act) which is a paradigm shift and a call to youths in Brunei Darussalam to have these five aspects in supporting Brunei’s Vision 2035.



Believe is a trait to believe the ability of our young people to play a role in nation building to achieve Brunei’s Vision 2035.



Empower is the support given to youths in becoming leaders with guidance and constructive advice.


Lead means being able to lead and it is a trait that must be present in youths to make positive changes in achieving desired goals.



Inspire is the continuation of the existing leaders to support the younger generation with their experience and engagement, to encourage leadership sustainability.



Act is intended for the youths to work on programs that correlate with the desire to accomplish Brunei’s Vision 2035 goals.

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who can join

Open to all Bruneian Youth (18 - 40 years old) who are interested to be a part of a community that contribute actively and meaningfully to achieve Brunei's Vision 2035. Participants are comprised of (but not limited to):


  1. Active members of Student Councils in educational institutions

  2. Active members in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as associations, belia masjid, youths in mukim and village consultative councils etc.

  3. Students who achieve excellence in academic and co-curriculum

  4. Graduates and job seekers who wish to contribute energy, ideas and efforts to carry out projects that are beneficial for the country

  5. Young professionals or young executives from government, private and private sectors

  6. Youths who achieve excellence in their respective fields

  7. Youths who wish to contribute actively to the development of the country

  8. For those who does not meet minimum age requirement, it will be considered case by case according to your potential

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A collaboration of local youth social entrepreneurs, Perspective Insan  Academy,  Al-Huffaz Management and Generasi Bekarih will be organizing Brunei Young Leaders Convention.





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